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That’s the power of distinct digital communications.

Grow with What Works.

What Works builds and nurtures audiences for brands who want to make a difference. Because we are strategists for the time we live in, we provide you with ideas, tools, and implementation to grow an audience that comes to you. We do this by building brands, content, and experiences that people love and cultivating communities around them.


We offer digital marketing, social media campaigns and ongoing management, email marketing, SEO/SEM, strategy, video production, websites, graphic design, podcast production, brand development, and ongoing full-service marketing support.


Our team builds sophisticated custom marketing strategies based on research, discovery, and data designed to achieve your goals. After we build all of the creative assets needed to support the initiatives, we implement.  Every marketing activity is then tracked, reported on, and optimized to drive growth and get results. We refined a proven process for designing integrated marketing plans, launching campaigns, communicating online with audiences, and managing the online presence of organizations. 


Do you have a unique challenge that requires an ultra-creative solution? Want to activate the power of authentic voices online to grow and sustain your vision? Need to tap into the momentum of your network to build a community around your brand? Want to launch a campaign that takes your organization to the next level?

Why What Works?

We’re an award-winning digital marketing and social media agency that has been helping clients grow and connect with their audiences for over 11 years. From the beginning, we’ve always been inspired by storytelling, community, and the power of the internet to connect people.  


Our work has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in ROI, billions of earned media impressions, viral social media events, and global brand recognition for our clients.  


Whether we’re creating the social media persona and engaging fans for the international sensation Mr. Trash Wheel, starting America’s first large-scale citywide light festival, Light City, creating successful campaigns for the Enoch Pratt Free Library system to drive awareness of their enormously important resources for underserved communities, or on the front lines of a national healthcare company’s social media during the COVID-19 Pandemic — we’re known for thinking big, focusing on brands and projects that have a positive social impact, and treating our clients like family.

Rave Reviews.

"Light City Baltimore has unlocked forward thinking ideas and tools to positively impact and grow healthy and sustainable communities in a way that we’ve never experienced before."

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Former Mayor of Baltimore City

"I've worked with 4-5 social media content strategy firms, and What Works trumps them all..."

Ben Smith, Homewood Interiors

"Astonishing vision."

Mary Duston Lidinsky

"Creative Genius."

Peter Hoffberger, Hoffberger Insurance Group

"Genius crew."

Heather Fields, GiveCorps

"Communications gurus!"

Doreen Bolger, Director, Baltimore Museum of Art

"Genius in concept and flawless in execution."

Elizabeth J. Himelfarb Hurwitz

"The website is amazing! You guys nailed it and I love, love, love it!"

S. Smith, G.B. Smith Photography

"Your work is amazing!"

Amy Webb, Author and Founder of Future Today Institute

"Your work was one of the reasons we were acquired and joined a national network of industry leaders. Our capacity to do phenomenal work has increased exponentially."

BJ Sing, CEO of EventEQ

"A rare combination of strategic thinker and creative executor… all of this has worked to shorten our sales cycle, which of course has led to better sales. I highly recommend What Works Studio."

Derek Gordon, Yield Software

"This new logo is fantastic! There was clearly both brilliance and God-driven inspiration behind it."

John Frisch, CEO, Miles and Stockbridge & Chairman, Well for the Journey

"I am starting to cry it looks so good."

David Eisele, CEO at Davelle Clothiers

“Hall and Allen can never be accused of thinking small... They traffic in big ideas."

Baltimore Magazine

"I have never seen, anywhere, a transformation of vision into reality that was such a stretch. And so fast. You two did it!"

Gary Vikan, Director, The Walters Art Museum

"So impressed with What Works Studio."

Amy Webb, Author and Founder of Future Today Institute

"Both Mr. Trash Wheel and Light City are two of the greatest stories to come out of Baltimore in recent years and neither would have been possible without What Works."

Adam Lindquist, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

"No one knows or leverages 21st Century new media better."

Peter Davis

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