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Discover how you can achieve your goals and grow your organization by getting your digital marketing right. Talk to an award-winning marketing expert about your website, paid search, digital campaigns, social media promotions, and virtual events.

Now is the time to increase your investment in digital marketing.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of your competitors will decrease their investment in marketing. When everyone settles into the new norm, those competitors will be at a distinct disadvantage.


Some of your competitors may even be gone by year-end since they do not have the foresight or creativity to adjust to the “shut-in economy” created by the novel coronavirus. Without increasing your investment in marketing and online communications, you may be at risk of seriously hurting your business.

Welcome to What Works.

What Works is an award-winning digital agency that has been helping clients grow and producing remarkable results for over 11 years. During that time, we built and refined a proven marketing program that ensures you’re winning the search game and getting in front of your desired audience on all channels.


Our work has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in ROI, billions of earned media impressions, viral social media events, and global brand recognition for our clients.


One of our offerings is a month-to-month marketing program that achieves results and generates growth we can measure. The program includes a new mobile-friendly website with fresh content for SEO, a complete digitally-styled online presence on all platforms, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, paid social media promotions, mobile ads, display ads and retargeting, tracking, reporting, and ongoing dedicated attention for each of our clients. 


Let us know if you want to learn about having the right digital marketing team at your side.

What We Do.

Social Media.

We put the enormous power of social media to work for you. We are pioneers in cutting-edge techniques to establish and grow brands online. We conceptualize memorable social media personas and implement strategic content campaigns that transcend digital marketing noise to build remarkable followings and affinity for brands.

Digital Marketing.

We seamlessly integrate with your in-house marketing team to bring fresh eyes, a new strategy focused on ROI, and capabilities to implement campaigns that generate qualified leads, create loyal fans, and drive revenue. We develop websites, SEO and PPC campaigns, digital advertising, videos, print collateral, brand identities, and messaging to elevate your brand and drive growth.

Brand Development.

Your brand is the single most important aspect of your marketing efforts. We help brands connect with audiences by crafting authentic narratives, logos and compelling visual identities that stand out, build trust, and inspire action.


We specialize in designing and developing websites that convert leads and look gorgeous in the process. We can optimize and maintain your existing site, create landing pages for your campaigns, or build you a new site from the ground up.

Rave Reviews.

"Light City Baltimore has unlocked forward thinking ideas and tools to positively impact and grow healthy and sustainable communities in a way that we’ve never experienced before."

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Former Mayor of Baltimore City

"I've worked with 4-5 social media content strategy firms, and What Works trumps them all..."

Ben Smith, Homewood Interiors

"Astonishing vision."

Mary Duston Lidinsky

"Creative Genius."

Peter Hoffberger, Hoffberger Insurance Group

"Genius crew."

Heather Fields, GiveCorps

"Communications gurus!"

Doreen Bolger, Director, Baltimore Museum of Art

"Baltimore will forever be changed because you had vision and dedication."

Mike Galiazzo, Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

"Genius in concept and flawless in execution."

Elizabeth J. Himelfarb Hurwitz

"The website is amazing! You guys nailed it and I love, love, love it!"

S. Smith, G.B. Smith Photography

"Your work is amazing!"

Amy Webb, Author and Founder of Future Today Institute

"Your work was one of the reasons we were acquired and joined a national network of industry leaders. Our capacity to do phenomenal work has increased exponentially."

BJ Sing, CEO of EventEQ

"A rare combination of strategic thinker and creative executor… all of this has worked to shorten our sales cycle, which of course has led to better sales. I highly recommend What Works Studio."

Derek Gordon, Yield Software

"This new logo is fantastic! There was clearly both brilliance and God-driven inspiration behind it."

John Frisch, CEO, Miles and Stockbridge & Chairman, Well for the Journey

"I am starting to cry it looks so good."

David Eisele, CEO at Davelle Clothiers

“Hall and Allen can never be accused of thinking small... They traffic in big ideas."

Baltimore Magazine

"I have never seen, anywhere, a transformation of vision into reality that was such a stretch. And so fast. You two did it!"

Gary Vikan, Director, The Walters Art Museum

"So impressed with What Works Studio."

Amy Webb, Author and Founder of Future Today Institute

"Both Mr. Trash Wheel and Light City are two of the greatest stories to come out of Baltimore in recent years and neither would have been possible without What Works."

Adam Lindquist, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

"No one knows or leverages 21st Century new media better."

Peter Davis

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