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Social Media.
That Rises Above the Noise.

Social media is where your brand
makes its first impression.
Entrust that power to an expert.

Social Media.

We develop and manage digital and social campaigns that drive awareness, build trust and inspire action. We develop highly unique strategies, voices and content that make a lasting impression. We provide ongoing social media management and campaign management, tracking, and analysis to achieve goals systematically.


We are pioneers in cutting-edge techniques to establish and grow social media followings and memorable personas that transcend digital marketing noise to build remarkable affinity for brands. We know how to resonate with people online and are experts in harnessing attention to drive action. Whether your goal is to drive brand awareness or lead generation, we build smart strategies and custom content that effectively engage target audiences.

Social Media Strategy

Audience + Demographic Research

Custom Audience Development

Social Media Advertising.

Retargeting Management

AdWords Management

LinkedIn Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Reporting + Analysis.

Social Media Tracking + Reporting

Regular Updates + Meetings

Content Creation + Management.

Social Media Account Management

Social Media Content Development

Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social Media Profile Setup + Optimization

LinkedIn Marketing + Management

Facebook Marketing + Management

Twitter Marketing + Management

Instagram Marketing + Management

Social Media Video Production

Daily Audience Engagement

Audience Growth Campaigns

Outsourced Social Media Support

Rave Reviews.

"Brooke led our team through the creative process, developed a beautiful logo that truly reflected our values, and delivered – on time and on budget – a beautiful website. To this day, new visitors to the site compliment her work on a regular basis."

Olga Maltseva, Warnock Foundation

"Brooke Hall Allen is not only an exemplary designer, businesswoman, and marketer, but a role model for social responsibility and community involvement in the business community."

Olga Maltseva, Warnock Foundation

"I stumbled upon your website accidentally, and thought, gee these guys are incredible. So all I wanted to say was, great work, incredible and inspiring!"

Jesse Rowe, Live.com

"Genius crew."

Heather Fields, GiveCorps

"I deeply appreciate and applaud the efforts of the Light City team to positively raise the profile of our city. I personally appreciate the profound commitment the two of you have made."

Jack Elsby

"Communications gurus!"

Doreen Bolger Director, Baltimore Museum of Art

"Brilliant logo."

Christopher Regan, THA Advisory

"What Weekly is one of the great ideas to come out of Baltimore in the last few years."

Peter Davis

"Best party of the year!"

Aaron Henkin, Producer WYPR

"It’s impossible, until it’s not. I have never seen, anywhere, a transformation of vision into reality that was such a stretch. And so fast. You two did it! And perhaps never, has our town needed what you have made real, more."

Gary Vikan, Director, The Walters Art Museum

"Just wanted to send over a lot of love and encouragement. Light City's news shone all the way to London, here in my adopted city to make me smile, and say HOORAY, FINALLY some brilliant Baltimore sunshine."

Rick Armiger

"Baltimore will forever be changed because you had vision and dedication."

Mike Galiazzo, Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

"I just wanted to drop you a quick word of (awe-struck) thanks for Light City. We took the children Wednesday night and fell in love with Baltimore all over again. It was genius in concept and flawless in execution."

Elizabeth J. Himelfarb Hurwitz

"You and Justin gave an extraordinary gift to our city and I was just happy to be part of the moment in time."

Sarah Hemminger, Cofounder and CEO of Thread, Inc.

"You are amazing. I am so proud of what you and Justin have done and continue to do for our great City."

Jennifer Meyer, Vice President, Global Customer Operations at ZeroFOX

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Our approach to 21st Century marketing is about cutting through the noise with authentic messages that resonate with your audiences through digital, radio, print, broadcast and more.


We help brands connect with audiences by crafting authentic narratives and compelling visual identities that stand out, build trust, and inspire action.


We dive deep into your organization’s history, opportunities and challenges and develop strategies and tactics designed to help you make informed marketing decisions that deliver the best outcomes.

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