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Honored to Receive Silo Breaker Award

Betamore honored Brooke Hall and Justin Allen with the Silo Breaker Award for their contributions to Baltimore’s entrepreneurial community.

“The Silo Breaker award is given to a member of the Betamore community that actively works to break down silos between people and institutions in Baltimore. This year the Silo Breaker award was given to the team behind Light City Baltimore. Light City demonstrates efforts that are a critical component of what Betamore seeks to do — illuminate the collective wisdom and experience of our community for the purpose of entrepreneurship.”

Beta City, Betamore’s annual fundraiser, serves as an embodiment of Betamore’s mission to make Baltimore a leading global entrepreneurship destination. Following the pitch competition, over 1,000 attendees filled City Garage for The Main Event. The evening included demos from over 30 entrepreneurs and an award ceremony revealing the winners of the pitch competition and the three recipients of awards honoring individuals.

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