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What Works Studio

And Strategy.

We create the strategies
that drive people to action
based on research, data, and analysis.


Research is the foundation to any solid marketing strategy. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We base our decisions and recommendations on data, insights from surveys and focus groups, research findings and analysis.

We provide expert consulting to launch new brands, audit your processes, identify funding sources, and solve problems related to communications, business development, branding and positioning.
Consulting Services

Social Media Effectiveness
Advertising Effectiveness
Brand Awareness
Data Analysis
Focus Groups
Interview Clients And Stakeholders
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Content Analysis
Trend Analysis
White Papers And Reports
Communications Audit
Community Engagement Consulting

Rave Reviews.

"Creative Genius."

Peter Hoffberger, Hoffberger Insurance Group

"Baltimore will forever be changed because you had vision and dedication."

Mike Galiazzo, Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland

"You have done important and such inspiring work. Thank you for bringing Light City to fruition!"

Dr. Leana Wen, Physician, Healthcare Executive, Professor and Author

"Both Mr. Trash Wheel and Light City are two of the greatest stories to come out of Baltimore in recent years and neither would have been possible without What Works."

Adam Lindquist, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

"No one knows or leverages 21st Century new media better."

Peter Davis

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