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The campaign we developed, launched, and managed throughout open-enrollment for health insurance significantly exceeded industry averages for click-through rate.

Kaiser Permanente
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Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare plans in the United States. The Mid-Atlantic States region saw an opportunity to utilize Twitter more effectively in order to connect with their current members and prospective members. Significantly increasing brand awareness and brand affinity in the Mid-Atlantic region meant meeting their prospects where they were and to create meaningful engagement.


Kaiser Permanente initially approached What Works Studio to audit its social media activities and make recommendations for improving internal processes, optimizing campaigns, and measurement criteria to maximize marketing efforts.


As a result of our findings, What Works Studio was hired to apply the information gained from the audit to the 2018 Open Enrollment Campaign. We developed geo-targeted audience segments with geo-specific calls to action and campaign creative.

We executed a Twitter campaign designed to engage target audience segments that were eligible to enroll with Kaiser Permanente through their employer. The goal was to capture their attention and drive them to the website for more information in order to inspire them to consider choosing Kaiser Permanente during the open enrollment period. The resulting campaign delivered a clickthrough rate of 12.68%, beating the average industry clickthrough rate (1.51%) by over 800%.

Today, What Works Studio continues to manage social media activities and promotions for Kaiser Permanente. Activities include developing and launching campaigns, managing organic social media activity, tracking and measuring results, creating and implementing processes, and optimizing activities for performance and conversions.

Campaign clickthrough rate of 12.68%, beating the average industry clickthrough rate by over 800%.
Campaign Clickthrough Rate
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