Crafting a Bold Brand

What Works Studio developed a new brand and website for a recently launched intellectual property law firm, Hopkins IP. Founded by Julie Hopkins, the Hopkins IP distinct brand aesthetic is deeply rooted in the client’s personal taste in art and design as well as her experience with representing multiple companies in the fashion industry.

The brand development process began in Hopkins’ home where we surveyed her personal art collection and conducted a discovery interview where we began to get a deeper sense of her aesthetic preferences. The logo mark and type were developed to contrast against traditional law firm aesthetics while conveying a level of professionalism that matches the caliber of Hopkins’ experience and body of work.

The website and stationery design carries the minimalist aesthetic of the brand forward and features images of Hopkins’ personal art collection. The brand was designed to be a personal reflection of Hopkins herself. The resulting visual identity is bold and eclectic, drawing inspiration from abstract contemporary art, industrial minimalism, and Victorian design.