Increased enrollment by over 300%


Over $1,000,000 In State and Federal Grants Secured

Enrollment Campaign


Our challenge was to help Green Street Academy secure over $1 million in federal and state grants by meeting a new charter school’s enrollment requirements.
In 2015, Green Street Academy (GSA) broke ground on the $23 million restoration of the abandoned Gwynn Falls High School building. Already a client of What Works Studio, GSA asked us to develop a student enrollment campaign to identify potential students and drive enrollment in order to secure the additional funding.
What Works Studio developed an integrated campaign that included focus groups, marketing assets, landing pages, a social media campaign, digital advertising, radio advertising, live events, and guerrilla marketing tactics that included hiring hip-hop artists and sneaking a p.a. into the Baltimore School Choice Fair for an impromptu performance at the GSA booth. The goal was to introduce the community to the school, generate excitement around opportunities for city families, and inspire them to apply to attend the school during its inaugural year at the newly renovated campus.
Green Street Academy received over 1,000 applications increasing enrollment over 300%. As a result, the school qualified for and received over $1 million dollars in federal and state grants. Green Street Academy is now recognized as a premier public charter school and community anchor in West Baltimore.


Design, Web Development and Communications

After the successful enrollment campaign, we went to work developing a new Green Street Academy. GSA is wholly unlike other schools in many respects and the administration hoped that their website would reflect their individuality while telling their story in a compelling and engaging way. What Works Studio developed the current website which employs multimedia storytelling techniques and interactive elements that elevate the user experience.
Additional design support includes the development of print collateral including assets to support the capital campaign to raise funds for renovations, signage, environmental design, and banners to support the groundbreaking ceremony, and printed collateral to support enrollment campaigns.
What Works Studio was proud to support Green Street Academy during its groundbreaking ceremony. Services provided include public relations coordination, social media, graphic design, environmental design, event photography, and onsite coordination.