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Social Media Operations for Healthcare
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Through strategic optimizations and highly-tailored processes, we significantly increased the client’s social media engagement and followers.

Kaiser Permanente






Lead Generation Campaigns
Awareness and Consideration Campaigns
Product Marketing
Public Relations Support
Advertising Budget Management
Organic Social Media Management
Content Conceptualization and Development
Creative Development

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare plans in the United States. The Mid-Atlantic States region saw an opportunity to assist the Public Relations Director by bringing on What Works Studio to organize and manage their organic and paid social media efforts. By establishing social media processes and a framework for their regional social media operations, What Works was able to streamline their social media initiatives and grow the client’s social media engagement rate by 70%.

Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States needed an experienced vendor to audit internal social media operations in order to provide analysis and recommendations for improving performance, producing in-depth reporting with actionable insights, and developing processes and procedures to help better leverage social media channels and advertising budgets.


What Works Studio was hired by Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States to develop and institute formalized social media processes and reporting, and manage regional ad spend for social media marketing. Activities included but are not limited to lead generation campaigns, awareness and consideration campaigns, product marketing, public relations support, organic social media management, advertising budget management, content conceptualization and development, reporting, copywriting, and creative.


Increased net follower growth by


Increased total engagements by


Increased social media engagement rate by


Increased total social media followers by


Increased published posts on Twitter by


"What Works Studio is an excellent choice to drive your social media programs for results. I truly value responsiveness and insightful reporting, helping my team to refine our messaging and targeting. What Works really understands our audience and boosts performance through disciplined optimization – which is the key to a great agency.” “Justin Allen and his team have really gone the extra mile to ensure our social media campaigns consistently exceeded engagement benchmarks for our campaigns for the past five years. I whole-heartedly recommend What Works Studio as your social media agency.”

Program Manager, Consumer Marketing, National Healthcare Organization

"Working with the What Works team was a pleasure, from start to finish. They listened well and were quick to adapt to changes. I found their expertise invaluable. I am not a digital savant so was looking for people who could not only “do the work” but help me understand the reasons for their recommendations, in other words, to help me be smart. They were always honest about how to get where I wanted to go including challenges, work arounds, and results I could expect. I also relied on their deep understanding of the Baltimore market and they did not disappoint as they came up with ideas and resources for getting us closer to our goals there. I would not hesitate to engage the team again."

Denise Russo, Senior Director, Regional Marketing Communications, Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States

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