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With the Grand Prix shuttering operations and plans for Otakon to move to Washington, D.C., some city organizers are working to bring the next “big thing” to the city. Mt. Vernon residents Brooke Hall and Justin Allen are hoping their event concept will put Baltimore on the map. Their idea involves lights and many of them. Known as Light City, the weeklong event could be in Baltimore as early as 2017.

In the premiere episode of “Baltimore’s Future,” David Warnock welcomes Brooke Hall, Justin Allen and Lindsey Davis, three people involved with Light City, a movement to bring a world-class light festival to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Baltimore Magazine awarded What Weekly Best Zine: New School. What Weekly Magazine Documenting the city’s renaissance, What Weekly’s collective of artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and writers produce media “dedicated to telling the positive stories about Baltimore.” The mission: “to create positive social change by amplifying the good stuff.” What we really like about What Weekly are the killer images and photography. Go to the website >

By offering only good news, What Weekly rejects mainstream media’s mantra: ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ When asked about the inspiration for What Weekly, co-founder Brooke Hall told me: ‘We experienced problems and looked for solutions. Baltimore’s reputation seems to hinder the city in so many ways. We wondered if we could use new media to change the perception of a city, instill civic pride, and ultimately encourage healthier lifestyles by celebrating positive behavior. The power of media is enormous. It shapes cultures, sways opinions and provokes behaviors – good and bad.'

Baltimore Magazine awarded What Weekly Magazine the Best New Magazine award in 2011. Best New Magazine: What Weekly "The online mag's tagline is 'Documenting the Baltimore Renaissance,' and few outlets do it as well as What Weekly, which launched last year. Covering broad stretches of the city's arts and cultural scenes, from the Transmodern Festival to the recent Scapescape, its dispatches are filled with lush photos and front-line accounts from events that are often overlooked by mainstream media. While many of us are quietly proud of Baltimore's reputation as a home for experimental artists and musicians, What Weekly is giving them a