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Brooke Hall and Justin Allen were named Innovators of the Year by The Daily Record for their work launching Light City. “Winners were selected based on their innovation’s originality, power, challenge, value and the quality of letters of reference.” "More than 200 people gathered at the American Visionary Art Museum in Federal Hill Oct. 13 to recognize The Daily Record’s 2016 Innovators of the Year. “The innovators you will meet tonight represent the passion, creativity and drive that so many Marylanders reveal every day,” Daily Record Publisher Suzanne Fischer-Huettner told the crowd. “They may be following what has become by now a clearly

The Silo Breaker award is given to a member of the Betamore community that actively works to break down silos between people and institutions in Baltimore. This year the Silo Breaker award was given to the team behind Light City Baltimore. Light City demonstrates efforts that are a critical component of what Betamore seeks to do — illuminate the collective wisdom and experience of our community for the purpose of entrepreneurship.

Brooke Hall and Justin Allen, Founders, Light City Baltimore, were named 40 Under 40 Honorees by Baltimore Business Journal. “After collecting nominations from the community for several months, we had over 250 individuals to consider for our list of honorees. The BBJ staff worked together to pick individuals that stood out for having traits that aligned with what we were looking for.” “Allen and Hall wanted to show Baltimore to the world in the way that they saw it, and began brainstorming a way to attract positive attention to the city in a big way. So they developed Light City Baltimore,

SmartCEO Magazine honored Brooke Hall as a Top Female CEO. We only work on projects that are aligned with my personal and professional mission of helping Baltimore achieve its full potential,” says Brooke Hall, founder and CEO of creative agency What Works Studio. The firm started with two clients, operating from Hall’s dining room table. Since then, What Works has grown by leaps and bounds and now makes its home in a 3,000-square-foot office in Mount Vernon.