What Works Studio Sponsors Light City 2018

What Works Studio is a Founding and Sustaining Sponsor of Light City 2018

What Works Studio is proud to be a Founding and Sustaining Sponsor of Light City 2018, along with BGE, Kaiser Permanente, Visit Baltimore, Whiting-Turner, T. Rowe Price, Visit Maryland, and others.

Light City is America’s first large-scale light, music and innovation festival in Baltimore, which drew 525,000 people in its first year.

Light City was designed to spark city-wide collaboration, create economic opportunities for locals, and shift the image of Baltimore in the eyes of the world.

For its first production in 2016, Light City featured 28 outdoor light displays, 6 days of innovation conferences, 50 free concerts, and over 100 live performances. Baltimore welcomed more than 525,000 people to downtown Baltimore over 7 nights.

Light City is an annual festival that in only three years has already added $111 Million to the Maryland economy, according to reports. The team at What Works Studio designed the event, branded and promoted it, convened the team, crafted the promotional video, website and marketing collateral – as well as designed and produced the 6-day Innovation Conference in 2016. Light City was conceived to be a catalyst that would help Baltimore unlock untapped potential. We were inspired to dream, design and build a festival that would capture the attention of the world.Check out our Light City Case Study for more.

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