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Justin and Brooke Talk to Dan Rodricks

“Light City Baltimore: In just over two weeks, something potentially amazing will be happening at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. It involves light shows, art and music, but Light City Baltimore is also meant to showcase Baltimore’s development as a hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurship with a social conscience. Today, we meet the couple who conceived of the idea — Brooke Hall and Justin Allen, founders of the Baltimore-based creative agency What Works Studio and the online magazine, What Weekly.”

Brooke and Justin Featured in Baltimore Business Journal

So how is it possible to put on a $4 million, seven-night light installation festival in the heart of Baltimore with such a short timeline? Someone started thinking about lighting up Baltimore years ago.

Q&A with What Works Studio’s Brooke Hall and Justin Allen

The journey to build Light City Baltimore began in 2010 with years of research into transformative events and their ability to create impact for communities. In 2013, Brooke and I developed the Light City festival model and launched a multi-year, integrated marketing campaign that consisted of digital marketing, public relations, fundraising and grassroots advocacy.

What Works Husband/Wife Team Featured in Baltimore Magazine

“Hall and Allen can never be accused of thinking small. Whether it’s starting their own creative agency and the online magazine What Weekly, or envisioning Light City Baltimore, a new arts and innovation festival that debuts March 28, they traffic in big ideas. “I think that was part of the reason why we were attracted to each other,” says Hall. “We’re both just like, ‘How far can we push the envelope? What’s the biggest, most exciting thing we can create?’ We talk each other into believing things are possible.”

What Works Unveils Light City U Conference Plans

“The focus of the conference is exploring ways to harness innovation for social change. Brooke Hall, who is CEO of What Works Studio and created the festival with her partner Justin Allen, said it boils down to the question, “How do we become a more responsible and equitable society?”

“We want the world to see Baltimore as we see it…” -Brooke in Baltimore Sun

“We want the world to see Baltimore as we see it, which is as a hub for innovation,” said Brooke Hall, founding partner of Light City Baltimore.”

Light City Featured in New York Times

Featuring 28 art installations along a 1.5-mile stretch of waterfront, the inaugural Light City Baltimore is set for March 28 to April 3.

Light City Featured on CNN

When the inaugural Light City Baltimore goes live, 28 light art installations will illuminate a 1.5-mile path along the city’s Inner Harbor, with pop-up performances and musical acts adding to the festivities.

Bringing Home Hardware for Creative Group of the Year

Mr. Trash Wheel is #1 on the Front Page of Reddit.

Mr. Trash Wheel is #1 on the Front Page of Reddit.