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Brooke and Justin Talk About Dreaming Big

“The [Light City Baltimore] event was conceived by Brooke Hall and Justin Allen of What Works Studio. Allen and Hall, who are married to each other, had worked for three years to bring the festival to Baltimore.

Brooke Hall Speaking about Building Your Future

“If you don’t like what you see back in your past, look ahead and build something new.” -Brooke Hall from the Wonder Women Panel

Mayor shouts out Light City Co-founders Brooke Hall and Justin Allen

"Perhaps more important, was embracing the passionate vision of co-founders Brooke Hall and Justin Allen and expanding it into our neighborhoods." Former Mayor Rawlings-Blake

A little love letter…

two. We should parade them through town and give them the keys to this city, for they are just two regular people who have reminded us that in Baltimore this is what two people can do. This is citizenship at its finest. Two people believed in an idea that could better their city. They badgered everyone they could to make it happen. They are Baltimore’s best.”

Light City Featured in Southwest Magazine Cover Story

“Baltimore is back at the forefront of light innovation.”

Brooke Hall Speaks at Mayor’s News Conference – Opening Ceremony of Light City 2016

Brooke and Justin interviewed on Fox45 News

Charm City is about to be transformed into Light City. Brooke Hall and Justin Allen, the brains behind the festival, share how they came up with the idea.

Brooke and Justin Talk About Their Brainchild Light City

They mapped out their vision in 2013, pitching it to potential stakeholders. A year later, the couple connected with entrepreneurs, business owners and local organizations … Flash forward to 2016, and more than 500 people from the Baltimore area are working to make Light City come to life.

Brooke Talks to Travel Pulse

“The enthusiasm of Brooke Hall, founder of “Light City,” is infectious. She said the festival was engineered to bring people and the artistic community together and celebrate camaraderie and joie de vivre. What took three years to put together will finally come to fruition in a week.”

Justin and Brooke on showcasing Baltimore’s creative talent and innovative spirit

When Brooke Hall and Justin Allen came up with the idea for Light City, they were looking for a way to showcase Baltimore’s creative talent and innovative spirit. But after the year the city’s had, the local business and tourism community is hoping the event will also change the conversation about Baltimore.