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Brooke Hall is named 25 Women to Watch

Each year, The Baltimore Sun chooses 25 of the most compelling thinkers, innovators, and leaders who are making their mark on the Baltimore region. Brooke Hall was named one of them in 2016.

Justin Allen and Brooke Hall Awarded Downtown Baltimore Award

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore awarded Brooke Hall and Justin Allen the 2016 Downtown Baltimore Award. Awards went to a select group whose work has impacted the community in a considerable way. “This award is much-deserved recognition of your creation of Light City Baltimore – and its tremendous success.”

Light City wins Best of Baltimore

SmartCEO’s releases Light City video featuring Brooke Hall and Justin Allen

Brava Award

Justin Allen Interviewed by CBS Baltimore

"Light City Baltimore certainly proved to be a money driver. More than $33 Million was added to the local economy." - George Solis, CBS Baltimore. “This is more than just an arts festival, it is an economic development tool, a driver of opportunity for the city,” said Justin Allen, Co-Founder Light City Baltimore.”

Lighting Up Baltimore: How Light City Provided a Much-Needed Boost for the Inner Harbor and Beyond

“Look at all these people! They are so happy.” Brooke Hall, founder and CEO of What Works Studio, marveled at Baltimore’s first Light City festival, but she wasn’t just one of the 400,000 visitors who took in the interactive light and art installations. Along with her husband and co-founder Justin Allen, she dreamed up the Light City idea, and used it to illuminate Baltimore.”

Brooke Hall responds to Light City’s economic impact report

“Brooke Hall, the creator of Light City, said though she was excited about the festival’s economic impact, it was about more than the numbers. She emphasized the importance of the city’s spirit and sense of community that week. “It’s hard to measure how you uplift a community, but I think we were able to do that,” Hall said. Hall said she is confident that next year will be a success. “Light City is my baby. You’ll always be connected to your baby,” Hall said. “I’m excited to see it grow.”

Brooke featured in Arrive Magazine

“Baltimore is brimming with artists. Surprised? “We find that no one really knows that,” says Brooke Hall, CEO of What Works Studio, a local creative agency. So she and her husband, Justin Allen, have co-created Light City Baltimore, a seven-day arts, music and ideas festival March 28-April 3. “We’re trying to shine a light on the Baltimore that you never see on the national news.”

Brooke Hall and Sonja Sohn at Light City U