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Twitter Is the Most Powerful Tool Underutilized by Marketers

Do you even Twitter? For the past several years, social media marketers have been so focused on Facebook they’ve neglected to recognize the powerful marketing platform Twitter has been quietly building. When you browse the many business and nonprofit profiles on Twitter, it’s hard to find ones that do it well. That’s because Twitter isn’t like other social media platforms, and it requires a unique approach. What many marketers have failed to appreciate is that Twitter captures the attention of a highly sought-after audience. It provides marketers with unique and effective tools and analytics, and its advertising algorithm delivers exceptional performance for...

We’re Hiring a Social Media Coordinator

Position: Social Media Marketing Account Coordinator NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE! To apply, email with a cover letter, resume, and links to a personal website and/or LinkedIn profile. What Works Studio, a purpose-driven digital marketing and communications agency headquartered in Baltimore, is seeking a full time Social Media Marketing Account Coordinator with agency experience and a positive, solutions-oriented attitude. The Social Media Marketing Account Coordinator supports the account director to ensure all content and social media initiatives are effectively managed for clients. This person is responsible for maintaining the organic social calendar, and creating and scheduling posts across multiple channels. The Social Media...

The Dastardly Dilemma Hindering Enterprise Digital Marketing Success and How To Fix It

After peering into the inner workings of digital marketing operations across various industries over the years, it’s clear to me that one dastardly dilemma is plaguing the workflows and hindering the success of fine upstanding enterprise digital marketing professionals who show up and give their all each and every day across America. The scourge of which I speak, ladies and gentlemen, is the silo-fication of digital marketing platforms and the gatekeepers who either wittingly or unwittingly (oftentimes unwittingly—bless their heart) hinder the success of marketers who want nothing more than to engage, convert, and accurately quantify their results in an ...

New Podcast is up with Kurt Schmoke, Former Mayor of Baltimore and President of UB

Check out our latest podcast episode for our client Enoch Pratt Free Library. Former Mayor Kurt Schmoke discusses his past leading Baltimore, his present as the President of the University of Baltimore, and his hopes for the future of the city.

What Works CEO on Keynote Panel about Branding Baltimore

Communicator Summit Keynote Panel: Branding Baltimore from Activism and Festivals to Hashtags with Erricka Bridgeford, Greg Tucker, Brooke Allen, moderated by Joanne Sullivan. The brand we all know as Baltimore is as complex as it is charming. It takes a cross-section of our quirky city to define who we are, so during this panel we’ll introduce you to some of the creative minds who are behind shaping the city’s story and share how we as communicators can help spread the word...

Podcast produced by What Works named “Best Conversation” by Baltimore Magazine in Best Of Issue 2019

We are honored to see that the Free to Bmore Podcast we produce for our client, Enoch Pratt Free Library, has been named "Best Conversation" in Baltimore magazine's 2019 Best Of Awards...

Inside the Free to Bmore Campaign for Enoch Pratt Free Library

What Works Studio helps Enoch Pratt Free Library achieve record-breaking attendance at neighborhood branches with the development and implementation of the Free to Bmore Campaign that includes research, strategy, campaign identity, social media marketing, content development, video production, signage, merchandise design, event concept, mural design, and now podcast production...

Bold brand developed for Hopkins IP

What Works Studio developed a new brand and website for a recently launched intellectual property law firm, Hopkins IP. Founded by Julie Hopkins, the Hopkins IP distinct brand aesthetic is deeply rooted in the client’s personal taste in art and design as well as her experience with representing multiple companies in the fashion industry.

Free To Bmore Podcast Episode One Featuring Erricka Bridgeford, founder of Baltimore CeaseFire

Mr. Trash Wheel concept featured in CityLab

“A company called What Works Studio came in and said you guys need to photoshop some eyeballs on this device and give it a name and a Twitter account. And that’s how Mr. Trash Wheel was born.” - Adam Lindquist, Director of Healthy Harbor Initiative, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore.