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In the premiere episode of “Baltimore’s Future,” David Warnock welcomes Brooke Hall, Justin Allen and Lindsey Davis, three people involved with Light City, a movement to bring a world-class light festival to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

We were honored to receive a Social Innovation Award and a grant from the publishers of the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal, the Warnock Foundation. Lighting the way to Baltimore’s future A celebration of music, light and ideas could put the city on the cultural cutting edge. By Michael Cross-Barnet Cover photo courtesy of Saard Saenmuang Portraits by Cale Whitworth The Grand Prix won’t be coming back to the Inner Harbor in 2014, and some are not sad to see it go. The event, with its barricades, noise and pollution, did not strike everyone as the way to move Baltimore into the future and bring people together. Brooke Hall,