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We’re looking to grow our company with supremely talented folks who also happen to be nice people. We won’t be able to respond to everyone, but we’ll be in touch if we see a good fit.  What Works Studio is an equal opportunity employer.


What Works Studio is looking for a talented website designer to join our boutique creative agency. You’ll help to design beautiful (mostly WordPress) websites. We’re working on projects like festivals, city-wide campaigns and conferences. We also build our own products and projects that we find interesting, like our online magazine, What Weekly.

We love the internet, who doesn’t? We’re looking for someone who is as excited about a really well-designed website as they are about a cute video of a red panda playing in the snow. We want someone who wants to team up with us to make stunning, yet simple, websites that are easy for the client to maintain and the user to navigate.

We need someone who loves solving problems. If there was a ticking time bomb going off in the next room, you would be the secret agent defusing it with your left shoelace. Except instead of that left shoelace you are wielding code and the ability to do the research to figure out what it is you don’t know.

You won’t be working alone out there in the wild west of the web. You’ll be working with a team of talented people who will work with you to deliver incredible work. We’re looking for someone who gets inspired by bouncing ideas off others, enjoys cracking jokes with coworkers, and wants to part of a super-team that would make the Avengers jealous.


Baltimore, MD. Our office is located in the Mount Vernon neighborhood.


Passion and gift for designing for screens. Knowledge of WordPress, both back end and front end, as well as HTML/CSS a must. Basic understanding of PHP or JQuery/Angular JS/JavaScript skills would be fantastic. A knack for understanding where and how content should live within a design.


1-3 years of agency or freelance web work – or a solid web portfolio of personal projects.

The Ideal Fit

  • Has a killer designer’s eye; obsessed with good design
  • Has WordPress experience; you tear through a theme, modify it and populate content beautifully
  • Wields CSS and HTML like a master Jedi
  • Bonus: Mad skills in JQuery, Angular JS, or Javascript
  • Has mad troubleshooting ability
  • Has a strong desire to please the client and produce stellar work
  • Has a positive, friendly attitude


You’ll create dynamic social and experiential campaign concepts for clients and internal projects. This includes all day-to-day aspects of managing social media, executing live event strategies, content production and publishing, community management and customer service, tracking and measuring, and analysis. You’ll monitor social media and digital channels for brand engagement and proactively engage with positive mentions, interactions and influencers.


Baltimore, MD. Our office is located in the Mount Vernon neighborhood.


Writing, Ideation, Social Media Management. Ability to manage many details on multiple projects. Graphic design skills are a plus.


0-3 years experience. Must have an excellent handle on social media and be able to resonate with audiences. Event production experience is a plus.

The Ideal Fit

  • Has a likable personality
  • Has had some stage performance experience and might be a comedian at heart
  • Is a wonderful writer and conversationalist
  • Has a curious mind and is obsessed with learning what makes people tick
  • Already has a strong personal social media network
  • Is willing to work during off hours (for social media posting and occasional live events)
  • Wants to foster meaningful relationships with influencers and fan communities
  • Is not afraid to walk up to someone they’ve never met and strike up conversation
  • Bonus: Knows how to produce content for web distribution (videos, vines, blogs, photos,etc.)

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